A Guide on Ordering online on Gmarket in Korea

Hey guys~ So I decided to make a guide for any foreigners living in Korea that want to order online. Personally, my favorite website for online shopping is Gmarket, because of all of the discounts and coupons available. Once you get the hang of it, it’s hands down the easiest website to use for online shopping.

First, the best thing about Gmarket is you can use the site exclusively in English. However, for first time orders, I recommend using the Korean website, because I don’t know if you’ve tried already but there are 2 aspects that cause much frustration when ordering online in Korea:

1) You MUST search for your address in Korean

2) There’s a ton of security, meaning you need to input tons of different passwords and certificate information.

In other words, you can’t manually type in your address in Korea. That would be so much easier, but no, you have to click “Search” and find your address online through their system. This is usually difficult, and tedious to do if you are not a native Korean. I’m going to simplify this whole process, and once you can find your address through Gmarket, all other websites should be a breeze.

Getting Started

So first, I recommend you create your account and download all coupons etc. on the English website of Gmarket, and add what you want to your shopping cart. After that, when you have added everything to your cart that you want to order, you should order on the Korean website. You simply click either “English” or “Korean” at the top of the website page.

The only reason why I recommend using the Korean site for first time orders is because you can search for your address in Korean which is so much easier. If you search using the English website, obviously it is all in English, making it actually a lot more difficult. The good thing is that once you search for your address and find it in Korean, you never have to deal with the Korean site again. You can always use the English site.

Some Screenshots of the English website (How you can download/use coupons)

You can do a daily spin and draw every day. I don’t recommend downloading the international shipping coupons, because this guide is for foreigners living in Korean after all 😉

A Step-by-Step Guide on Ordering

Once you’re ready to order, switch to the Korean website. Click “shopping cart” (장바구니).



Next, make sure all of your items are under the “domestic shipping tab.” Move all of the items under “international shipping” to the other tab by checking all items and clicking the bottom circled link “국내배송.”

*tip: You can also do these steps, as well as add all coupons on the English version of the website if you are confused, then come back to finish the order on the Korean website.

2 domesticship


Make sure when you order it is under the “domestic shipping” tab. If you don’t use the English site, here’s how you can add coupons on the Korean site. Just click the circled link. When you’re finished, hit the blue button at the bottom of the page (주문결제) to start placing your order.



Next the hardest part…searching for your Korean address. Scroll down to the number 2 section, and fill in the red circled bubbles. By searching for your address in Korean now, you can save it as your default address, then never have to use the Korean website again. After you fill in both circles, click “search for address” (주소 찾기).



This pop up window will come up. In order to find your address, I suggest clicking the second tab 도로명주소 and following the blue link they have on that page. The link is: http://www.juso.go.kr/

Through this website you can find all the details of your address easily, and it makes your life so much easier.



For the purposes of this guide, I’ll be using my own school’s address. If you want it shipped to a school or specific apartment, just type in your school name below. If you know your address, but not every single detail, type what you know in the search bar below. After that, click “search” or 검색. I typed my school’s name below.



Now here’s my search results. They appear below, and in this case, there’s only one result. Other times you may have multiple results, just check to make sure the address is correct for you. After that, you can click “show more” or 더 보기.



Here’s a more detailed look. After that, hit the little blue navigation button, it’ll bring up a map with all the details you need, and the map should help you orient yourself. Make sure you note the zip code if you don’t know it already. “Zip code” is 우편번호. Mine is 730-141.



The important things to note in your address I underlined in gold below. Which “-dong” (동) and the set of numbers next to it refer to the building number, I believe.



After that, go back to Gmarket and search for your address. In my opinion the first tab, where you can type in the “동,” is much easier than the other tabs.

On the Korean version of the website you also have the option of searching in English, but searching in Korean is much easier. On the English version of the website, you can only search addresses in English (there’s no Korean search option).

So below I typed the “동” as I found on the juso website. My area is called 오태동. After that click “search” (검색).



Here are my results. When you search your area, you will find multiple listings. Usually they will list the most popular areas, like apartment buildings or something. If you look at the series of numbers beside the location, these numbers refer to the set of numbers I underlined in gold on the juso site. My area was listed as 오태동 618-1. Therefore, I “selected” (선택) the option 1~670, because my building number 618 falls under 1~670.



So to make sure you did indeed select the correct search result, the next page will show you the zip code. If the zip code matches the one you found on the juso website, or if you know what your zip code is, you can double check to make sure it is right. If it matches, then you are good to go. If not, go back and check your search results again.

The line below asks for you to specify any additional address information. If you’re shipping the package to your school, you should put your school name and where you want them to drop it off. In most schools, I think teachers have their packages dropped off at the 행정실. That’s what I do. It’s best to have your packages delivered to school or to an office because if you are working, and they go to deliver it and you aren’t at your house, they can’t deliver it. In Korea someone must be present in order to receive it.

After you finish, click the bottom blue button.



Your address should now be saved in the previously empty fields below. Congrats! If you followed all the steps, after you place this order, you’ll never have to type this address in again…it’ll be automatically saved for you.

In the lines below your address, fill in your name, cell number, landline number (in my case I used my school’s number), and lastly at the bottom, you can put any additional instructions or requests you have for your delivery. I always leave this blank. I suppose here you could write if you need it delivered within a certain time frame, or want them to call a certain number etc. I don’t know how well they honor the requests though. They require your phone number because when doing delivery, the delivery person will often call you. However, I usually don’t answer because I am teaching. It’s fine to ignore it, because they’ll deliver it to your school/office, or call the landline instead.



And the final step…payment. As a foreigner it’s always easier to use the “regular bank transfer” option, or 무통장 입금. This is how it is usually listed on most websites, so if you see 무통, it’s probably the easiest payment option. The others are via cell phone or credit card, but it’s a complicated process. I always use the transfer option.

After selecting the bank transfer option, you need to select your bank. My bank is Nonghyup (농협). Just select the bank you plan to use to send them money from. After that, click the blue button (결제하기) on the right, under your total cost.



After that a final window pops up. It lists the total amount you need to transfer, and the Gmarket account number you should send the money to. The only thing you need to fill out is your name (the account holder name). When you do bank transfers through Gmarket I think they make a special little private account for you, so under your name, you will see 예금주명. This will have an account name listed, so when you transfer the money, you can make sure you are sending it to the right account. In my case, the account name is “G마켓 Kristen.”

The last thing to note is the date on the bottom. This tells you the payment deadline. Gmarket gives you 7 days to send payment. Obviously the sooner you send payment, the sooner they’ll send out your package.

7confirm payment

The End

And you are DONE!!!! All you have to do is transfer the money to the Gmarket account. You can do this either via ATM, internet banking, or mobile banking. I prefer mobile banking…literally only takes two minutes. To check the account again, your order status, or any other information, you can now use the English website. Just click the “my gmarket” button at the top of the page and they list your orders and whether they received the payment or not. They’ll update it within a minute of your bank transfer. When your package gets shipped you can track it on the website and everything. I usually receive my orders within a day or two of ordering online.

The good news is from now on, you can use the website exclusively in English. If you ever need something and you really can’t find it, knowing the Korean for it can be helpful. You can search in Korean on the English website.

Discounts and Membership Grades

Anyway, this is the bare basics. You can get coupons and discounts everyday, and once a month, you can get special coupons. Depending on how often you order, you can get higher membership grades. The statuses from low to high are: new, silver, gold, vip, svip. Obviously the more you order, the higher your grade, and the higher your grade, the better your benefits are. You get better coupons. Anyway, I have SVIP, the highest membership grade, but either way…no matter what your grade, Gmarket usually has great deals and is worth checking out~

I hope this guide is helpful! If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to comment below ^^