My Living Situation

What about my living situation…?

I guess I haven’t really talked about it or mentioned it much, but Fulbright always guarantees 1st years a home stay. This is the first year that things have changed, and 1st years now have apartments. Unfortunately, I don’t have a home stay. Gumi is a rather small city, so big apartments aren’t as common…especially because I teach on the outskirts of the city. My area is rather small, suburban.

I live in a one room apartment, but it’s a lot bigger than the typical one room. There’s a small entrance hall with huge shoe closets, a separate kitchen area with a fridge, a bathroom, my bedroom, and another small room for the laundry machine and storage. Overall, I’m happy, it’s my first time living alone. In the long run, I am happy to have an apartment. It’s spacious, and once I get home, I can just relax and do whatever I want. On the other hand, I’m usually tired so I hate having to cook and clean all the time. Both situations have theirĀ pluses and minuses.