Fulbright Korea Infusion Magazine

If you don’t know about it already, Infusion is Fulbright Korea’s magazine:

Since the publication of its first volume in 2008, the Fulbright Korea Infusion has presented the literary, artistic and academic talents of Fulbright grantees and scholars. Infusion aims to capture the diversity of the Fulbright Korea experience by publishing work from Fulbright Korea senior scholars, junior researchers, English teaching assistants and program alumni. We support artists in the creation of work which honestly engages with their grant year and their craft

I’m actually a staff editor for the magazine (since Fall 2014)~

Check out Infusion’s website, and you can view our latest publication below! (March 2016, Volume 9: Issue 1)

My piece was published in this volume, the cover photo is a photo I took in Namhae at the German Village, and 2 of the pieces I worked on with authors got published 🙂

Infusion website: http://infusion.fulbright.or.kr/